Looking For A New SUV? 2 Advantages Of Choosing A Subaru

If you are looking for a new SUV you will find many being sold on the market right now. This can make it difficult to make a choice. To help, one that you should consider is a Subaru SUV. This is because it can offer you many advantages, two of which are listed below:

Boxer Engine

A Subaru SUV has a boxer engine, which gives your SUV enough power to do what you want with your vehicle. This includes enough power to tow, such as a trailer. As soon as you open the hood you will notice the engine lies flat.

The reason this engine is called a boxer engine is that instead of moving up and down the pistons move horizontally, which looks much like a boxer making a punch at their adversary.  The salesman at the Subaru dealership can explain the boxer engine to you in much more detail if you want to know more information about it.

The boxer engine has less friction when compared to other engines. This provides you with a comfortable ride, and the SUV is very quiet as you drive it. These engines are made to use less gas so you can save money, especially if you plan to drive the SUV a lot. If you like to drive off-road or under adverse conditions, you will still maintain good gas mileage and power with this type of SUV.


The Subaru SUV also offers many features. One of these features is a STARLINK service. This service knows if you crash your SUV if any airbag deploys. When this happens, police and ambulance are notified to come to the scene.

This service also offers SOS emergency assistance. This is a red SOS button that is installed inside the SUV on the console. When you press the button police and ambulance are immediately notified. This is beneficial if your airbags do not deploy.

Subaru offers apps that you can install on your smartphone. These apps allow you to remotely start the SUV and remotely turn on and off the lights.

Inside the SUV you will find a blue button with the letter "I" on it. When you press this button, you will receive roadside assistance. The service uses your GPS to track your exact location. This can be used if you have a flat tire, dead battery, or other problems.

Visit a Subaru dealership in your area to look at what they can offer you. They can tell you more benefits this type of vehicle can offer you. Check out a website like http://www.youngsubaru.com/ for more information and assistance.