Three Easy Ways To Customize Your Harley For Increased Comfort

Riding down the road in your Harley should feel like relaxing on a recliner that moves. If your bike is not feeling quite that comfortable, it does not mean there's anything wrong with the bike. Every person has different preferences and needs when it comes to their bike--based on their own body geometry, height, and weight. There are a few easy ways you can customize your Harley for greater comfort.

Change the Seat

Harley makes a whole array of different seats, and most of them are interchangeable on a number of different bike models. Switching to a more padded seat may help if your bottom is feeling a bit uncomfortable after long rides. There are also seats made for people of various weights. A more padded seat may be better for someone who is lighter, while one with more support and less padding may be better if you're a little heavier as it will ensure you don't sink too far down in the seat, impacting your position.

Lower The Bike

Are you on the shorter side? Your bike may actually be too tall for you, forcing you to reach with your toes too much. If you take your bike to a Harley Dealer, they can use a specialized kit to lower the whole bike a little bit, making it better suited for a shorter rider. Similarly, if you feel like you are "crunched up" when you are riding the bike, you might be too tall for it. The dealer can use a lift kit to raise the bike a little.

Change the Handlebars

Are your arms feeling tired after you ride, or do you feel like you have to extend them too far and work too hard to support them? All you need might be a new pair of handlebars. Even if you choose a style that's not exactly traditional for the style of bike you have, handlebars that put your arms in a comfortable position will make riding a lot more enjoyable. Pay attention to the grip padding, too. Some riders prefer padded grips, while other prefer less padding. Try out a few bars before you settle on a particular style.

Don't assume you've purchased the wrong bike if you are not comfortable on every ride. Usually, there are some changes your Harley Davidson dealer can make to increase your comfort without you needing to sell your bike and buy a new one.