Tips For Finding Out The Details About A Used Truck's Past Usage

If you are in need of a pickup truck and have found one in which you are interested, you may wonder if there is any way you can determine whether or not the vehicle has had a rough life. If so, use the following tips to see if you can find any details that can give you a glimpse into how the truck was used in the past

Look for a Truck Brake Controller

When trying to find out how the truck has been used, look on the driver's side dashboard for a truck brake controller. The controller is an after-market part that gives the driver better traction when hauling a trailer or transporting heavy cargo in the bed.

If you do find a brake controller, chances are that the previous owner had it installed so they could hitch up a toy hauler, trailer, or other attachments. The presence of the controller gives you a clue as to how the truck was probably used to haul heavy loads.

While the installation of one of these brake controllers is not necessarily a bad thing, it means that the engine, brakes, and chassis were most likely subjected to a lot of strain. Its presence means that you should carefully check the conditions of these areas or inquire about the past standard maintenance or repairs that were required.

Check the Underside for Anything Unusual

Another area that can give you valuable insight on the past usage of the truck is the underside. Depending on how the truck was used, you may find one or two signs that the truck may have been used for something other than driving on the road.

First, if you see black marks under the back end of the truck, at one point it has dragged bottom. These marks may have been made while the bed was hauling an extremely heavy load, causing the back to come into contact with the pavement.

Second, you may see evidence that the truck was subjected to excessive moisture. You may see rust from where the truck was driven through puddles or even creeks. Or, you may find mud caked up inside the bottom of the engine or on the driveshaft, which could mean that the previous owner enjoyed going mudding.

If you see anything as described above, you should delve deeper into the history of the pickup truck before you purchase it. You can also speak with the representative from the used truck dealership to see if they have any further insight into the vehicle's history and condition.