In Your Dreams! The Trailers That Will Surprise And Delight You

H and H trailers for sale can be used for more than just hauling stuff. The sky's the limit. If this perks your curiosity or interest, here is more about how these aluminum-based trailers can be used.

The Restroom Trailer

The exterior of these trailers looks just like any other enclosed steel trailer. The surprise is when you open the backs of these trailers or the side doors. Inside is a luxury bathroom, complete with a flushing toilet, single or twin vanities with running water, and the most deluxe versions have working showers. (However, the shower versions are only able to supply one to two showers before you have to refill the water reserve tanks.)

The Sleeper Trailer

This is a similar enclosed trailer, but with a massively different setup inside. In a sleeper trailer, there is adequate room for two full futons to fold out and let an entire family sleep comfortably. Some people prefer these to a camper trailer because there is extra storage space in this type of sleeper trailer. You can also customize the rest of the trailer's interior to be everything you want it to be.

The Touring Gaming Trailer

This is a very recent but very popular "dream" trailer. People request this trailer and deck out the interior with speakers, enormous flat-screen TVs on one wall, game consoles on stands under every TV, and bean bag chairs or comfy couches along the wall opposite of the TVs. These trailers have even been turned into business opportunities, offering video gaming parties for birthdays and other major celebrations. Just give the trailer manufacturer a list of everything you want to be installed inside.

The Air-Conditioned Travel Trailer Deluxe

Have you ever wanted to feel like you are famous? This dream trailer has it all. There is a bar, couches, a sink, a refrigerator, and an air conditioner. You can be totally comfortable in this trailer, regardless of what the weather is like. Add a space heater, and you have a four seasons deluxe dream trailer. Travel around the country, invite people in for a drink, turn on the tunes, and your trailer just became a hot party spot. This particular dream trailer is double-wide and double-long, for the most room. Place your order online with the manufacturer, or call the manufacturer direct. Tell them which trailer you want, and the list of features you want.

Consider buying a trailer and turning into something like this to get that luxury feel.