4 Reasons To Purchase A Used Bus For Your Church

As a pastor, you want to take your message beyond the walls of your church. Purchasing a used bus is an excellent way to go about this goal. Learn how an investment in a used bus can expand your ministry and provide you with plenty of additional benefits.

1. Community Outreach

People have all sorts of struggles, and unfortunately, some of them keep people from coming to church. An investment in a used bus can help you reach these people.

With a bus, you and some of your other members can go out into your local ministry and speak with residents. In the event that some of these people want to come to your church but don't have the transportation, you can even arrange for the bus to pick them up for service. 

2. Flexible Transportation

An investment in a bus for your church can provide more than transportation to and from services. You can also use the bus for activities.

For example, you can use the bus for a senior's day outing, a short-day trip for students, an event for your choir, or any other transportation needs that you might have for your congregation. When you own a used bus, you can use the bus in whatever way your congregation needs. 

3. Year-Round Programs

A used bus gives you an opportunity to organize year-round programs. For example, during the summer a youth program is a great way to keep the young members of your congregation engaged. However, if their parents have hectic work schedules, getting the children to and from the church can be a challenge.

With a used bus, you can transport the children from their homes to the church. A bus affords you the opportunity to have programs throughout the year since you have the transportation needs covered. 

4. Cost Control

Managing cost is important for your church, and a used bus can help you with this task. Used buses come equipped with a variety of different features, but most important, at a lower cost than a new bus.

As a result, you can invest the money you save into other areas of your congregation. When buying a used bus, you might even have the opportunity to purchase more than one bus if you have a large congregation.

Used buses come with plenty of options, just like new buses. Partner with an auto dealer such as Sawyers Bus Sales who can help you find the features you need and model that will best meet them.