Why Invest in a Roll-Off Trailer?

When you have a roll-off trailer at your job site, you have a beneficial piece of equipment. You've likely used dump trailers before, and a roll-off trailer is similar but with its own individual benefits. If you want to look at your local auto dealer to see what is available when it comes to roll-off trailers, you can do so. Here are some reasons to consider roll-off trailers for your business.

You get a versatile rig

One of the biggest differences between a roll-off trailer and a dump trailer is the way the units are used. A dump trailer uses hydraulics to lift and dump the contents of the bed of the unit at an angle. Roll-off trailers can be converted into flatbed trailers by having the bin be not just dumped, but removed completely. This way, should you need to leave a bin at a job site so you can use the trailer for other things, you have the bed of the main vehicle to use elsewhere.

When you want to use the roll-off trailer as simply a dump bed trailer, you can do this as well. It's like having two different vehicles in one, and roll-off trailers can be purchased in a variety of lengths and bin uses. Your auto dealer will show you several models available in their dealership so you can pick the best roll-off trailer that will work best for your needs.

You save money

Why invest in both a dump bed trailer and a flatbed trailer when you can have both in one vehicle? The money you would have invested in two vehicles you can now invest in just one, which can free up parts of your budget for other equipment down the line. Or, you can use the money you save for advertising or future repairs on your new roll-off trailer. If you buy more than one trailer, you may even be able to work out a discount or special deal with your auto dealer.

Contact auto dealers like Ruble Truck Sales Inc for more information about roll-off trailers and dump bed trailers. You can ask to see these two similar pieces of equipment side by side to help you decide which one will work best for you. Pick a budget for roll-off trailers and put a sizable down payment on your new piece of equipment to make the monthly payments more affordable to your business.