6 Features That Are Helpful For Older Drivers

If you are starting to reach the age where you are an older driver, you may need something a little different from your vehicle than you did when you were younger. Different car features are a must-have as you age and stay on the road.

Feature #1: Adjustable Seats

As you age, your ability to move around can change. An adjustable electronic seat will make it easier for you to adjust your seat and ensure that you are comfortable as you drive. You want to look for a seat that allows you to do more than move your seat forward and backward. You want a seat where you can adjust the lumbar support for your back and adjust the tilt of the bottom of the seat to best support your legs. The more adjustability you have to continue to make driving comfortable, the better.

Feature #2: Keyless Start

As you drive, the strength and coordination of your hands may not be what it used to be. A keyless start eliminates the need to put a key in the ignition and turn the car over properly to get it started. With a keyless start, all you need to do is press a button to get your vehicle started, which can be nice if you suffer from arthritis or stiffness in your hands at all.

Feature #3: Thicker Steering Wheel

Next, you should look for a car with a thicker steering wheel. A thicker steering wheel is more comfortable to grip when you are suffering from arthritis or pain in your hands. It would help if you looked for a steering wheel that also supports being tilted or has a telescoping feature so that you can position the steering wheel more comfortably.

Feature #4: Digital Dashboard

As you age, your eyesight may change as well. It may be harder for you to see the small symbols on a traditional dashboard. A digital dashboard usually has larger symbols and more customization, making it easier for you to see the dashboard's information. You can also minimize the dashboard to make it less distracting.

Feature #5: Rain Sensors

Next, look for a car with rain sensors. That way, when you are driving, you don't have to worry about locating the wipers and turning them on and off. The fewer distractions when you are driving, the better.

Feature #6: Blind Spot Warning System

You may not be able to turn around as quickly and check all your blind spots, which is why you should look for a vehicle with a blind spot warning system that will help you back up and switch lanes. Blind spot warning systems can benefit all drivers to be safer.

As you age, you want to look for features that allow you to adjust the vehicle to fit your specific needs. Look for things such as keyless start, thicker steering wheels, digital dashboard, and power-adjustable seats.

For more information about cars that may be better for older drivers, like used Nissan cars, contact a local seller.